My Top 10 Personal Favorite Anime Dubs

Note: This will – of course – be restricted to dubs I have seen. There are likely great dubs I have missed out there. Also, as heretical as it may be to say such a thing, I actually like the original Japanese version of ‘Cowboy Bebop’ more than the dub. The dub is utterly fantastic though. I personally just like the Japanese version a smidge more. They are nearly neck and neck.

As an anime fan, and with many series having dubs, I often have to make a choice between the original Japanese or the dub of a series in my own native language of English. My approach is usually to watch the first episode or two dubbed. If it’s really good, and everything works, I’ll stick with it. If it doesn’t work, I’ll switch to Japanese for the remainder of the series. That’s not always how it goes though.

Also, this will be the dubs in order, not the shows themselves.

Lastly, these dubs are – in my opinion – better than the original.

10.) D-Frag!

My favorite pure comedy dub. Fantastic choices and performances.

9.) Ah! My Goddess! / Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy

Two of my favorite female dub performances are within this show: Belldandy and Urd. Everyone else works well too. The video is set to play from the intended portion that shows off both of their voice work after giving context to the scene.

8.) Hyouka

One of the best Japanese to English voice conversions I’ve seen for a cast. Everyone fits their original character EXTREMELY well. Oreki is also the best English rendition of a monotone character I’ve ever seen.

7.) Spice and Wolf / Spice and Wolf II

Brina Palencia as Holo, I mean… c’mon. It’s a no-brainer. Lawrence’s actor isn’t half bad either.

6.) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [Both Seasons and the Movie]

Crispin Freeman as Kyon… just yes. Absolutely perfect, and I mean perfect, casting. Everyone else is good too.

5.) Hellsing Ultimate

The best dub I’ve seen for an anime based around characters that should have foreign accents.

4.) Toradora!

The best dub I’ve heard yet for a romance anime. Great dramatic performances.

3.) Birdy the Mighty: Decode / The Cipher / Birdy the Mighty: Decode 02

One of the most seamless and well-performed dubs. Nothing feels off at all. It simply flows.

2.) Baccano! / Baccano! Specials

An absolutely FANTASTIC dub. Every performance is at or near the pinnacle of English dubbing.

1.) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Same as ‘Baccano!’, but with the added benefit of many more perfectly acted dramatic scenes.


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