My thoughts on seasons 1-2 of ‘Food Wars!’.

‘Food Wars’ is not a fantastic show if you look at it critically, I’ll say that right off the bat. But, I cannot deny that it was quite a fun ride. It’s the kind of show that’s meant to not be taken seriously, but to be enjoyed as a spectacle – and enjoy it I did.

The two most prominent strengths of Food Wars are its cooking battles and character quirks. The characters all have something unique about them, and can hold their own in the rigorous trials they all go through,  as well as lend to the story and comedy. The cooking battles are quite fun to watch, as they are dynamic, often unpredictable and animated fluidly.


But honestly, the best parts of the show are the instances where the main character – Souma – is learning new skills, being schooled by someone far better, and when he is beaten. These chunks of the story add a new layer to a character who (at the beginning) seemed unbeatable and infallible.

As an example, the best episode of the whole series was by far episode 12 of the second season, due to the challenge Souma has to take on and the growth he experiences due to that. It was an episode that took him out of his element and placed him in the middle of a group of adult chefs who are FAR superior to him, and the outcome is as expected. That episode was fantastic.


I hope that future seasons (if there are any) follow this kind of plot flow and episode setup, with victories here and there for the main character through effort. If it can do that, the show will become even better. But for now, it’s still quite entertaining.


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