My thoughts on the first 28 episodes (first three major arcs: Lullaby, Galuna Island, and Phantom Lord) of ‘Fairy Tail’.

‘Fairy Tail’ is a show I have heard so much, but at the same time so little, about. I’ve heard it’s good, I’ve heard it’s horrible. I’ve heard it’s a blast, I’ve heard it’s a bore. Well, I can’t say for sure either way yet ’cause I still got LOTS more episodes to go, but – for right now at least – I’m inclined towards the positive side of the polarization.

It started off slow, with a few introductory episodes and a mini-arc that I wouldn’t consider a true arc. These episodes left me unimpressed. But, after that finishes up, the series starts to delve into some better action in the first true arc of the series – which was somewhat enthralling. In the second arc, we get some poignant emotional moments (though with the typical shounen pacing and style), and in the third arc we get fun action and some really awesome adrenaline-filled scenes.


The two absolute best things about the show so far though, are the characters and character interactions. The character-based comedy on display has been my cup of tea. Eccentric leads with a somewhat serious side are my favorite types when it comes to shounen. And when they interact heavily, it usually makes for a great time.

The series does suffer from typical shounen cliches: suddenly overcoming odds due to desperation, filler episodes, etc. They exist in the series and are noticeable, but don’t truly detract from it… at least so far.


If they keep up what they’ve been doing – fun arcs, character-based comedy, and a touch of emotion/seriousness – then it might just become something I’ll truly enjoy. Here’s hoping!


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