My 5 Favorite AMVs (as of July 5, 2015)

I watch a LOT of AMVs. In my time, I’ve come across some that have simply entertained me, some that encompass their selected shows very well, and others that made my jaw drop. So, I’m here to count down the 5 best that I have ever seen. Be warned, there will be spoilers in the series-specific ones.

Alright, lets go…


#5 – ‘Animegraphy 2012’ [non-series-specific]

The editing and vibe in this one is the best I’ve ever seen from any AMV that uses clips taken straight from multiple shows and combines them. The feeling it expresses is nostalgic and wholesome, especially to me, as 2012 was probably my best year for anime – taking into account all the older and newer shows of FANTASTIC quality I discovered that year.


#4 – ‘Pencilhead‘ [non-series-specific]

I only need to say five words: “My God, the freaking editing!”


#3 – ‘Magic Eye‘ [series-specific: “Steins;Gate”]

Encompasses/expresses all of the best facets of ‘Steins;Gate’, which is one of my favorite anime of all time.


#2 – ‘The Spider’s Web‘ [manga-specific: “InuYasha”]

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a “manga” AMV. It manages to perfectly express the best parts of the story far better than any ‘true’ AMV of the series I’ve come across. Also, the editing is utterly AMAZING.


#1 – ‘End of My World‘ [series-specific: “Clannad: After Story”]

The only AMV to ever make me cry…


One thought on “My 5 Favorite AMVs (as of July 5, 2015)

  1. I liked your number one. 🙂 Watching this I recalled what happened in the series, and then I got the feels. Gosh darn it!

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