My Mini-review of ‘Medaka Box’ / ‘Medaka Box Abnormal’

Medaka Box

I only need 7 sentences to review this anime:

1 – It starts off strong, but repeats the same plot-formula over and over again, dumbing itself down.

2 – Medaka herself is portrayed as having almost no flaws, which is a flaw in itself.

3 – It’s funny in some areas, but mostly lackluster.

4 – We’ve seen this done better elsewhere.

5 – The animation is nice, but not that high quality – you can see where the budget cuts occured.

6 – The second season changes into a very dull, lifeless and cliched brawl anime.

7 – Characters are all overused anime cliches of one sort or another. Cliches can be fun, but these characters just came across (aside from the first few good episodes) as badly used cliched characters.


And there’s my thoughts. Not really worth watching overall. If you’re interested, just watch the first few episodes, as those weren’t bad.


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